Hello Everyone.

It's Dimentio again. This is the first time I've edited something here in over a good two years...
Although we are very busy with other stuff, we plan to have this site open and running soon.
We may elect a new organizer to work over here, if they are trustworthy enough.

- Dimentio

IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME, click the link below.

Project Rainbow - Best Server!
Client Download:


If you look at our links, you may see that we have games, such as Tanks. We may also discuss America Votes 2008 which is part of Politics.
We also have a chatroom and a page where we may discuss that disaster-struck
Sichuan. I also have a page where I put my School Projects, and KoL stuff. If you really want to spam,
save your spams for our Spamming Page.

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