Speak to claim your prizes!

Sandhell, you won the teddy borg!

Mike 1996, you won a cocoa egg!


Also, clan credo updates? Anyone have any suggestions?

Here is a contest to get your choice of what we should do with 25k in our clan stash: Who will win the America 2008 election? Closed because 130k meat left in the stash-- Tristram1996 Tristram1996
Barack Obama or John McCain?
John McCain- drew6 drew6
Jhon McCain- LauraMachen LauraMachen
John McCain- Ila_is_a_Joe_Jonas_Freak Ila_is_a_Joe_Jonas_Freak
John McCain - Tabbycat_1 Tabbycat_1
Barack Obama - Tristram1996 Tristram1996
Barack Obama - purewar275 purewar275